18th World Congress of Anaesthesiologists (WCA2024)

About Singapore

WCA2024 Conference

Singapore is a sunny, tropical island in Southeast Asia, off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. Singapore is a city, a nation and a state. 

It is about 275 square miles, smaller than the State of Rhode Island, and inhabited by five million people from four major communities; Chinese (majority), Malay, Indian and Eurasian. 

Since its independence in 9 August 1965, the country has adopted a parliamentary democracy system.

The City

The entire city is so interesting that you will not care about the sweltering heat to roam around in the city. Acquaint yourself with the bustling markets, crazy art galleries, beautiful designers, Chinese-based medicines, and many other quirky items on sale that will satisfy the shopping fanatic in you. Name a thing, and Singapore will give you! This fantastic destination is one of the most beautiful man-made wonders that you cannot give a miss. The exquisitely beautiful attractions like Sentosa Island, Gardens by the Bay, Universal Studios, and Night Safari are the pride of Singapore tourism. 

The Local Scene

Singapore is known as a City in a Garden and nearly 50 percent of the island is green space. It is a thriving metropolis offering a world-class infrastructure, a fully integrated island-wide transport network, dynamic business environment, vibrant living spaces and a rich culture largely influenced by the four major communities in Singapore with each offering different perspective of life in Singapore in terms of culture, religion, food, language and history.


Explore our vibrant multicultural and multiethnic communities, historical Chinatown, Little India and Arab street, themed attractions in Sentosa, Marina Bay, Changi Jewel, and the many well preserved parks and nature reserves including Singapore Botanical Gardens, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From shopping frenzy, delectable culinary delights, awe-inspiring museums, adventurous theme parks, and exotic gardens – Singapore has something for everyone.