18th World Congress of Anaesthesiologists (WCA2024)

World Anaesthesia Games

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The World Anaesthesia Games are a simple fun way to learn and consolidate known and new information in a lively learning environment using well-known and loved childhood games. 

Participants can enjoy an active fun learning experience to reach specific pre-defined learning goals. Debrief goals are defined in advance, to reinforce the important learning goals. Participants gain an understanding of knowledge about a specific topic, and work as a team to learn management strategies, troubleshooting, guidelines and more. 

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Ventilation World Anaesthesia Games

Ventilation is at the core of everything we do. Gone are the days of “Air goes in, Air goes out”. Given our current ventilation machines, knowledge of respiratory mechanics,  ever more challenging surgeries and patients, managing patients can be quite a challenge.

During this Ventilation World Anaesthesia Games session you will learn the latest in ventilation techniques, how to manage common ventilation problems including ventilation of the non-intubated patient. Learning through games has never been more fun!

Who is this for? The short answer is everyone (we all breathe after all!). The long answer is this Ventilation World Anaesthesia Games session is aimed at ICU and anaesthesia practitioners who are in training, or have finished training and want to refresh their knowledge in the physiology, indications and management of ventilated patients. This is also relevant for respiratory technicians, physiotherapists, operating department practitioners, and all who want to improve ventilation management. 

Although you will have fun, the learning level is not aimed at super-experts such as fellowship trained ICU physicians, or ICU consultants who probably know all this already. 

Upon completion of this Ventilation World Anaesthesia Game, participants should be able to:

1.   Identify the indications for non-invasive ventilation in the ICU

2.   Acquire Tips, tricks, and troubleshooting for common and less common ventilator problems in the ICU and OR

3.   Identify specific ventilation problems in the obese population

4.   Create a functional team with physicians of different abilities and experience

Obstetrics World Anaesthesia Games

Most women expect to have an uneventful course, and anaesthesiologists will be providing labour analgesia (often through epidurals) and anaesthesia for caesarean delivery. Unfortunately everything can go wrong, very fast. Complications may occur in women with known risk factors or may occur when least expected. Rapid team decisions are needed to manage these complications.


In the Obstetrics World Anaesthesia Games you will learn teamwork, crisis resource management, and guideline updates in a fun and stimulating environment!


Whether you are a trainee or an attending, obstetric World Anaesthesia Games will help you learn (or brush up on!) how to navigate the rollercoaster associated with caring for the

obstetric patient!


You will learn aspects of management using specifically designed games and structured debriefs to ensure the prespecified learning goals are met.

Upon completion of this Obstetrics World Anaesthesia Game, participants should be able to:

1.     Identify women at risk for postpartum haemorrhage and quantify haemorrhage using all available information;

2.     Understand the clinical applications of point of care anaesthesia uses of ultrasonography in the obstetric patient;

3.     Devise and implement management plans for maternal critical condition within the available setting including massive transfusion;

4.     Debate optimal delivery anaesthesia for the unstable, critically ill pregnant patient

5.     Incorporate crisis resource management tools in decision-making in pregnant patients

Paediatrics World Anaesthesia Games

Get ready, everyone! The “World Anaesthesia Games” are here to take you on an exciting adventure through the ups and downs of looking after children in a perioperative environment.


Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve had lots of experience as an anaesthesiologist, World Anaesthesia Games is your chance to polish your skills and face the challenges that come with managing anaesthesia for tonsillectomy – a very common surgery for kids.

Even if you are not a specialist, you will likely come across this procedure even if you’re not a specialist. Do you know the updated fasting guidelines, what to do if your paediatric patient has a cold, and how to manage OSA?


Dive into the World Anaesthesia Games – your path to becoming an expert in paediatric anaesthesia.

Upon completion of this Paediatrics World Anaesthesia Game, participants should be able to: 

  1. Compute precise fluid evaluations and ascertain the scale of haemorrhage in paediatric patients utilizing the “World Anaesthesia Games” module.
  2. Acquire knowledge of the contemporary version of perioperative fasting guidelines and comprehend their specific applicability to the paediatric population.
  3. Execute proficient preoperative assessments in paediatric patients exhibiting Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).
  4. Explore the application of capnography in non-operating room anaesthesia to enhance patient safety, a pivotal tool in modern anaesthetic practice.
  5. Employ crisis resource management techniques and strategize for productive collaboration within multidisciplinary teams in a dynamic and engaging learning environment.


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